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About the race

About the race

Budureasa Mountain Running is a mountain running competition organized by ACS Bihorul Oradea in partnership with Budureasa City Hall and the Local Council.

During the event, the following competitions will be held:

1. Children’s race
2. ECO cross-country 8 km with +300m level difference
3. Cross-country 16 km with +700 m level difference

The start and finish will be in Budureasa, in front of the Cultural Home.
The route covers asphalt road, forest roads and tourist trails, which the organizers properly mark before the competition. The competition route may change in case of bad weather.
All participants are obliged to follow the route marked by the organizers and respect the referees’ instructions on the field.



Online registration closes on 23.06.2024. Registrations on the spot are possible within the limit of available chip numbers.

For the Children’s Run, registrations will be made free of charge online at, by email at, by phone at 0754-872515 until 23.06.2024 with your name, first name, and year of birth, as well as on-site within the limit of places available.

Residents of the Budureasa commune and the neighboring villages can register for free by email at, by phone at 0754-872515 until 23.06.2024 with your name, surname and year of birth, the competition type (8 or 16km), as well as on-site within the limits of available places.



People who turn 14 in 2024 and are fit for endurance runs can participate in the ECO Cross 8 km and Cross 16 km trials.
All competitors under the age of 18 need written consent signed by a parent (or guardian) as well as a copy of their ID and a copy of the parent/guardian’s ID.
Athletes suspended for doping do not have the right to participate.
All participants will sign an affidavit stating that they have taken note of the contest regulations and the fact that the organizers cannot be held responsible for accidents or damage caused.
Kits for the Children’s Race, Eco Cross and Cross Country can be picked up on Saturday 29.06.2024 between 16:00 – 20:00 or Sunday 30.06.2024 between 8:00 – 9:00. In front of the Budureasa Cultural Home.

When picking up the start kit, the competitor should present the CI. In case of a no-show, the organizers can decide to withdraw the competitor from the start.
The organizers reserve the right to withdraw from the contest participants who are intoxicated, participants who are under the influence of narcotic substances or are visibly in a poor state of health, as well as those who do not have the appropriate equipment!



ECO Men’s Cross Country Open; ECO Women’s Cross Country Open
ECO Cross Country Male 14 – 34; 35-49; 50-59; 60+
ECO Cross Country Women 14 – 34; 35-49; 50-59; 60+

Men’s Cross Country Open; Women’s Cross Country Open
Men’s Cross Country 14 – 34; 35-49; 50-59; 60+
Women’s Cross Country 14 – 34; 35-49; 50-59; 60+
Children’s race
Categories – Year of birth Distance
2015-2016 400 m
2013-2014 600 m
2011-2012 800 m

Only the categories where more than 3 competitors have registered are awarded. If there are less than 3 competitors in a category, that category will be merged with the previous age category.



The first 5 places in the male and female overall are awarded in cash both in ECO Cross and in Cross Country. In categories, the first 3 places in both female and male categories are awarded with diplomas, cups, and products. Those who enter the general open classification no longer enter the category classification.

Ranking for Cross Country 16 km

First place – 2000 Ron
Second place – 1500 Ron
Third place – 1000 Ron
Fourth place – 700 Ron
Fifth place – 500 Ron   

Ranking ECO Cross Country 8 km

First place – 1000 Ron
Second place – 750 Ron
Third place – 500 Ron
Fourth place – 300 Ron

Fifth place – 200 Ron
!!! BONUS: 500 Ron will be awarded to the first athlete (male and female) who breaks the 16 km course record.
Time 2023: Constantin Lenuța 1:27:31 and Rares Imre Miklos 1:09:02.

At the Children’s Race, products will be offered to the top three finishers, in each age category, for both girls and boys. All those who finish the race will receive a finisher’s medal.


Registration can only be done through our website! Fill in the registration form related to the shopping cart and click on “Pay”. After that, the system will direct you to the secure payment page of the EuPlătesc platform, where you will have to provide the bank card details required for payment. You will also receive a confirmation email from EuPlătesc and Budureasa Mountain Running about the successful payment.
ATTENTION: Registration is validated only after payment of the registration fee!

 In case of unsuccessful payment, we will also delete the registration data!


ECO Cross 8 km Prices
Until April 30, 70 RON
Period 1 – 31 May 100 RON
Period 1-23 June 130 RON
Cross country 16 km Prices
Until April 30, RON 90
Period 1 – 31 May 120 RON
Period 1-23 June 150 RON

Modification or cancellation of registration

If a contestant wishes to modify or cancel their registration, they can do so only in writing to If the contestant withdraws from the contest, the registration fee is non-refundable. The competitor can transfer his registration to another person on the same route, but the intention must be communicated to the organizers by 23.06.2024


Confirmation of participation can be done on Saturday, between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. or on the day of the competition between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. at the Budureasa Cultural Home.

Technical session

The technical meeting will be held on Saturday, 29.06.2024 between 19.00 and 19.30 in the Budureasa Cultural Home and on the day of the contest, on 30.06.2024 in the morning at 9.00.


Mandatory equipment:

  • competition chip electronic number – from the participation kit – must be worn until the end of the competition in a visible place: on the front of the t-shirt or on the running pants
  • running shoes with mountain profile

Recommended equipment

  • phone
  • survival foil
  • own glass, in case the water bottle can be more difficult to feed
  • container with at least 0.5 l of liquid (water, isotonic drink, etc.)
  • energy gels or bars
  • In case of low temperatures/rain: long pants (can be shorts + leggings), a long-sleeved T-shirt, a waterproof sheet or jacket, buff or cap and gloves.

Mandatory equipment can be checked both in the starting area and on the course at occasional control points or revitalization points. The lack of a starting number entails the withdrawal of the competitor from the race. (Please note that the route has a strong mountainous character, with a substantial difference in level!)


The start will take place at 10:00 a.m. for ECO Cross and Cross Country.

Competitors can enter the starting area 30 minutes before the start, only through the specially arranged area.

Upon entering the start area, the organizers can check the mandatory equipment and mark the competitor’s presence at the start. People who are not on the official lists cannot enter the starting area. Competitors who appear on the start lists, but do not confirm their presence in the start area, will not enter the official classification.

If a competitor is late and does not take the official start, he can start the race for another 10 minutes, only after he enters the starting area and his presence is confirmed by the organizers. Competitors who start the race after this 10-minute interval will not appear in the official ranking.
The children’s race will start at 9:15 a.m. by age category, and the award ceremony will take place after 10:00 a.m.

Control points and revitalization points

There will be three well-marked revitalization points for Cross 16 km and one revitalization point for ECO Cross 8 km on the route. At the revitalization points competitors will find water, isotonic drinks, soft drinks, fruit, etc.

Suporteri / Ajutor

Supporters can be on the route only if they respect the traffic rules, do not impede the progress of the competitors on the route in any way, and accept the instructions of the organizers and field referees.

No help from outside is allowed, only at revitalization points or in case of injury. The competitor who helped in other ways will be penalized!

Competitors can help each other anywhere on the course, in any form, including with the mandatory equipment if applicable.

It is prohibited to assist the competitor from or on any vehicle!

Time limit

The time limit is 2 hours for Eco Cross 8km and 4 hours for Cross Country 16 km from the start.


Organizatorii își rezervă dreptul de a opri concurenții pe traseu în cazul în care:

  • the competitor has lost the start number or does not wear it in a visible place
  • they do not stop at the request of the organizers or field referees
  • shorten the route
  • competitors use vehicles or other means of transport
  • competitors receive outside aid (other than accident aid) elsewhere than revitalization areas
  • competitors leaving behind equipment or waste/packaging of any kind
  • doped competitors
  • competitors with aggressive behavior (with colleagues, volunteers, organizers or locals)
  • competitors exceeded the time limits

If the competitor is stopped on the route and cannot continue his competition, the organizers cannot be obliged to return the participation fee!!


If a competitor has to abandon the race, he can do so at the nearest revitalization point, where he will be guided further by the organizers. If he wants to continue the race, the organizers will take over the competition number and the competitor can continue the race only at his own risk. In this case, however, the organizers no longer guarantee assistance at the revitalization points. In such cases, the competitor will be registered on the finisher list only up to the intermediate point and will not receive a finisher’s medal.

Other rules

The competition route crosses or even follows paved roads, on which road traffic is not stopped. All competitors are obliged to respect the traffic rules! We note that there is very little traffic in those areas.

On the route, the organizers will place a fixed first aid point in the competition center.

According to the affidavit signed by the participants, the organizers cannot be held responsible in case of any kind of injury to a competitor.

The organizers reserve the right to change the route in case of unfavorable weather conditions or if the quality of the route is inadequate. This change will be announced at the latest at the technical meeting one day before the competition. The modified route will be marked accordingly!

When registering for the competition, the participants agree that the photos or materials filmed during the competition will remain the intellectual property of the organizers with all the rights arising from this fact.


If a participant wishes to file an appeal, they can do so for a fee of 500 RON, but no later than the official award. The appeal is resolved within a maximum of 1 hour after submission. If the appeal is accepted, the person appealing will receive back the appeal fee.

Contest director,
David Calin Laza