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Description of the Eco CROSS – 8 Km

Start and finish will be in front of the Cultural House.
The 8 km route will be shared with the 16 km route up to kilometer 4.5 where the revitalization point is located. At km 4.5, turn left following a 500m climb with a difference of +100m. At the end of the climb, you will turn left, after which you will descend for about 1km, until km 6, where you will turn right, following a stone road for about 300m. Then it will turn to the left, and the last approximately 2 km will follow on the road.

Description of the CROSS Country 16Km

Start and finish in front of the Cultural House.
At km 1.5, turn right and continue on the road until km 2.5.
At km 2.5 you will leave the road and enter the trail surface.
At km 5, where we will have a difference of + 270 m, the first hydration point will be located.
From km 5, descend approx. 700 meters, cross a river (low flow) and turn left, where a very steep climb of 450 meters with a difference of 170 m + will begin. Once you reach the top of this climb, turn left and continue on the country road for 2 km of ascent with a difference of + 270 m.
Arriving at km 8.3 and collecting a total difference of 700 meters, we will pass under the Magura Ferice Peak, after which we will turn to the left, after which we will start the descent. At km 9 we will find the second hydration point after which the descent will continue until km 10.8
At km 10.8 you will find a climb of 400 meters with a difference of 50 meters.
From km 11.6 we will go down to km 13 where we will turn right on the stone road continuing with a smooth descent to km 14.
For the last 2 km, that is from km 14 to km 16 we will have to run on the road.